Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 Phone Rooting And Usage

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Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700 Phone Rooting And Usage


(NOTE: GPS Will Not Work after doing the following steps )

Recently, I bought a Samsung GT-I5700 ( Galaxy Spica ) with Android OS 2.1. I actually did not know that this device is that powerful compared to its price in egypt which is 2000 LE ( From Vodafone ). Based on the comparison at GSMArena, I selected that device.

While trying to download softwares to my spica, I found that the phone should be rooted to be more functional. And of course as a linux user, I love to be the root user of my own mobile phone. So, I googled the term “root Samsung spica” and I found lots of results. This one was the best for me (Click Here).

I learned how to use Odin. To use Odin you must follow these steps ( Read this before continue ):

  1. Define the samsung drivers on your windows using Kies.
  2. Open Odin software.
  3. Put your phone on Download Mode ( Press [ VOLUME_DOWN + CAMERA BUTTON + POWER BUTTON)
  4. Attach Your phone to the PC using the USB Cable.
  5. Load the Spica (JC3) OPS file found with Odin software package
  6. Load the PDA file found here.

( Note: no need for the su-xxx package found in the referred link above)

Then Click Start and Wait for about 6 minutes.


By now you have rooted your mobile, but rooting the phone does not mean you have changed the OS.

There are plenty of community compiled versions of Android OS. I prefer's The one from Samdroid Kitchen. This one has a fine Market App ( which is needed to download any application to an android OS ).

Select your packages correctly, for me I prefer the following packages :

  • SamdroidMod Version 1.3.1.deodexed [JPJD5.Arabic] (Android 2.1) [59 MB]
  • Kernel [LK2.09.6 (Upd SamdroidTools -> Multitouch on/off)]
  • Adw.Launcher [1.2.0]
  • XDA Phone.apk [v.29]
  • And the rest will not affect the system as a system, they are just handy applications i just do not like ( MidpPlayer.apk, Switchers.apk, MyFiles.apk, Gallery.apk, Samsung keyboard (T9, 12/20 keypad) , Gallery3D – Dynamic background version [Froyo Stable by Androbot] ) and I select the rest.

( NOTE: with the free account, you have one OS Cook Per Day, so be careful while selecting your packages )

Then, press Cook. A download will start. While this download completes, download this file To Enable the Multi-touch support, Put the downloaded zip files ( TWO ZIP FILES ) in the Memory Card ( SDCard ) in the root directory ( outside all folders ), then boot in recovery mood ( press VOLUME_DOWN + CALL + POWER BUTTON ) together.

You should find a menu saying (Apply any zip from SD card ) as shown here.

Apply The OS first, then the multi-touch fix, then reboot from the menu.

After finishing this step, you have a clean and beautiful OS.

( NOTE: if the OS did not open correctly, Remove the battery to restart the phone, and go to recovery mode again, and then clear the all caches and apply both zip files again in the same order – multi-touch fix last )

Features you gain after following this blog post

  • APP2SD – which enables you to install lots of applications and browse freely without feeling tied up with the limited internal memory. ( NOTE: dont forget to ENABLE this before installing any application – from settings )
  • WIFI teathering , sharing 3G internet connection to a wifi adhoc network.
  • Multi touch – Wonderful to zoom in maps and images.
  • Ability to install all applications ( being root of your samsung spica ;-) )
  • Ability to take backups from all apps ( using samdroid tools ) and from the whole system using ( recovery mode )
  • and lots more that I can’t remember :-D .

And this is almost it. Now you can have lots of good stuff from the market.