A Simple Way To Integrate RTM Into Firefox

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Remember The MilkFew months ago, I was searching for a reliable software for TODO tasks in linux. I found a wonderful yet simple application ( Tasque ). I liked it and I liked that it integrates with RTM ( Remember the milk ) services.

Later, I tried the new version of Tasque from openSUSE 11.2, but I had an issue that I should define the default system browser. Even though Firefox is the system browser, it can’t be detected by Tasque, and Tasque doesn’t show any window or place to configure the browser in.

So, I got fed up and decided to get around.

I downloaded “Custom Buttons” plug-in to Firefox. Then create a button with the following code :'',
'dependent, width=800, height=480, left=100, top=100')

And, now I can simply click that button, write my task directly into RTM, then CTRL+W to close the window.

So simple, till Tasque get fixed.

NOTE: If anyone can enable me to run Tasque correctly, I will be grateful.


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